Thursday, June 11, 2009

Project: experiment

Still working on the first painting, and really have been neglecting it. I think if I photodocument my progress, I'll feel less scared about changing it so drastically. And its all sorts of relaxing and nice, to just mix paint and put it where I feel at that moment it should go. So far, still using the palette knife, probably in aversion to the waste of paint that occurs when using huge brushes for one or two strokes, and then all the large brush washing..
If you're confused about the connection the previous image, I am turning the painting periodically until I see what's going on.
So I think its going to just continue like this for a while. Maybe I'll glue some stuff, and scrape off some. But uh, other than that, I'm kind of at a loss.
I have a list of 20th century art history books I need to choose from and..... learn all the Art History I've been avoiding.

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Hannah Stitzlein said...

I really love to see all what you have done in painting in the last year, you seem to have grown exponentially! I love all of your damsels and your abstract is really lovely as well. You have really good colour understanding. :0)