Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Andrew Inspiration

So Andrew finally sat for me! Its ok, but I'd like for this to be the first of many sessions.

I showed this silly drawing in my sketchbook to Andrew a few weeks ago, and he loved it so much, that I was inspired to make more.

So basically they're just about how awkward touching is, especially when posing for a camera or in a movie. Always so forced, with scripted lines.

They're just sketches, I'd actually like to make some prints of them, since there is a B.Y.O. Printmaking shop across the street. I wonder if they'd make good greeting cards, to increase the awkwardness it could be like "Happy Birthday!" and "Happy Valentines Day" and "Merry Christmas!" Ideas and opinions would be greatly appreciated since this is the first time I've attempted something so silly and fun with the intention of marketing them to a public! Maybe I'll even get an Etsy page...

Anyway, these are the first of many, I hope!