Saturday, December 25, 2010


Sorry for the horrible photo, I forgot to take a photo once it was dry! Britta and Sudit came to get it last Saturday and I think they were really happy with it! (Either that, or they're great actors, and I don't think that's a common occurence for Hopkins kids).

Also, I sold another hair painting last week at the Mutter! I've got to bring some more to the store. And I've got to get to the studio more often and crank some work out! Someone commission me something!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Anselm Kiefer

I was in NYC with Erin for a few days this week, and we saw some museums and we saw some art, and then we went to the Gogosian Gallery on West 24th St, with the Anselm Kiefer show "Next Year in Jerusalem". I had never seen Kiefer in person, and I don't think I've been moved that much by an artist's work in a very long time. It was amazing to see so much of his work in one place too. It really overwhelmed me with emotion(s) and inspiration. His work just doesn't photograph very well, but some stolen images of the show that attempt to represent:

(No art is better art than art that makes you feel less insane.)

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Burial Shroud for some Roots

So I've been working on a lot of things (as usual).

Hair art is going well, I even sold one on Halloween. They're going much more smoothly too, I've got a much better handle on how to make them.

I also am working on a commission for a lovely couple in Baltimore. They drove up a few weeks ago and I took the reference photos. Its going very well, and I hope to finish it up when I return from Thanksgiving in Columbus Ohio!

The studio is winterized and let's hope it's warm enough! Sheets from circle thrift, I will be buying you soon enough!

For some more serious talk, though. Last Tuesday I walked to the subway for work as I usually do. There is a block a few blocks from my house in which the side I walk along was a big overgrown field. But last Tuesday they broke ground for some new houses they're putting in (yay gentrification) and on Saturday they were already pretty far along putting in cinderblocks. I walked along the sidewalk as far as I could go, and then there in front of me, was the root structure of one of the trees I most enjoyed in that yard. There were kittens who lived there, and morning glory all over the yard and the tree and the fence. I saw the roots and I immediately saw it in my mind's eye wrapped ever so delicately in white yarn, somewhat like a burial shroud, somewhat like the crane wife spinning it.

But then I walked away thinking that I must have seen that image somewhere else. I emailed Erin to ask if I was crazy. She sent me a link to Nina Katchadourian as a response. My favorite is her Uninvited Collaborations with Nature section. And definitely the mended spider webs project the most.

But long story short, I got Eli and Celia to help me move the roots (which either had been hacked apart before or after I saw it initially) into my studio.

I am currently seeking white yarn. Any white yarn, but preferably natural and thin. Even student spun. Even...anything.

I usually don't do nature work, but this one sort of attacked me first.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hair Art!

I have actually been working on a bunch of stuff (including, my halloween costume!)

But I did finally manage to finish and frame some of the hair art... but... then I remembered to photograph them. Sorry about the lack of professionalism in the photos.

The big ones were especially hard to photograph, but I was able to block some glare off the small one using the big ones!

I already started a new batch of them, and I have two more left to finish from the original group. Not bad for round one!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Run Around, Stop, Look at Art.

Well, I made it to Brooklyn this time. Saw some amazing people, museums, and I understand NYC/Brooklyn much more than I did. All in all, mission accomplished!

My AAM card lets me in to any AAM Museum (and others too!) for free, sometimes with a guest too! So I ended up going to 10 museums in 4 days, and my friend Dave got to go to some with me, including the Guggenheim!
The MET is always a good time, and I always end up seeing a new Alfred Emile Stevens painting! He's one of my favorites, and I can't find a book of his work anywhere. I can usually spot him a mile away too!
This lovely work is by Kees van Dongen. I am so in lust with these color choices! (Even more intense in person of course)

I had just enough time to run through the Natural History Museum before having to head back to the Gug, who were nice enough to hold my bag while I toured the city without it for a bit.

Wednesday Dave and I went to the MOMA.

How he loves his art!
I really loved this Matisse. I couldn't look away. I need to paint more nudes. (!!!!!!!) (And this particular painting wasn't even at the big Matisse show (on the 4th floor?), and that was really good. We were pretty tired, so I just ran through it while Dave rested outside. It was like a miniature depiction of my week, just running around looking at art smiling wildly and feeling a little bit insane and a lotta bit excited.)

Finally saw a Kara Walker in person! It was really amazing.

Dave left and I hit up the American Folk Museum, sort of just breezed through it, but it was interesting. Then I met him for his fringe show, In the Schoolyard. Not so much my cup of tea, but enjoyable nonetheless. And I got to see two fringe shows! Talk about an education!

Then I booked it to the New Museum, where I couldn't take any photos, but had a really good time there too. The space is amazing! Ran to the Whitney, and had an amazing time. I had only been there for the 60s show a few years ago, but was awesome (really, how many other words are as pure as "amazing" and "awesome"?) Then bolted (note use of increasingly hurried adjectives, as my time in NYC runs short!) to the Frick where I finally saw Ingres' Contesse d'Haussonville... and cried. Like a sap. I didn't expect to, but I love him.

And the Neue Museum. I remembered my love for Schiele and Klimt, as well as discovered George Minne, and educated myself in Otto Dix, of whom I had remained mostly ignorant through my art education.

One more museum: The Brooklyn Museum. It was so much bigger than I was expecting! And I had forgotten about their Warhol exhibit. I have also been rather ignorant of him, passing him off as "that pop artist" but now I know better!

Then some Kiki Smith, although perhaps I didn't spend enough time with her.

Larry Rivers

And even got to see Judy Chicago's The Dinner Table!!!!
It was really the icing on the cake!

Vadis Turner
And even some Louise Bourgeois.

I have a TON of new ideas for new paintings (especially inspired by Matisse- I am starting two large canvases, for painting from life Leslie's living room or kitchen area. Things like PAINT BIG, ITS IMPORTANT! kept coming into my head, and I listened.)

More to come!

Friday, August 20, 2010

I've been working on this abstract (or.. not so abstract?) piece for a few weeks now. The hardest part is knowing when its done: not feeling lazy, and not beating a dead horse either.

I worked on Barbie the other day: Celia came to the studio and worked on her ragrug for a while, and she had her computer. I used it to work on Barbie. I had been using my computer for references photos back when my studio was in my apartment, and ever since I've moved, I haven't been able to work on her. I think it just needs to stay being the computer, and she's almost done anyway. Now I know what the problem is, and I know how to fix it!

My hair art, as a work in progress. PLEASE send me your hair!

I realize how many things I am working on. Ugh, if anyone has a small and easy-to-use sewing machine, either sell it to me, or tell me where I can buy it. Why is it that summer is so expensive?!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

In the Studio

Elizabeth sat for me a few weeks ago, and I was just really glad to be painting the figure from life again! Of course the best part is her shirt, but thats fine too.

Haven't really been to the studio too much since Elizabeth sat for me, been running around, doing ghost tours and the like.

But I'm really almost done with the Barbie piece. I'm thinking about building shadow boxes for each one, but, that's a lot of work.

I've been really into how things look behind glass lately. Took some reference photos of the distortion of colorful objects behind paned glass at one of the subway stops. Finally am doing something with them. It has a lot of work to go, but its fun!

And I restarted Cupid&Psyche, I am curious to see where this one goes. I've never done the same painting twice before, I think it'll be a really interested study.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

In the Process

So while Hans is at home doing nothing, I have been hard at work, sometimes making money, and sometimes making art!
Still not a ton to show, but I have 4 surfaces prepped for known projects!
One of these days, I will revamp rapunzel...

Trying a new approach to Cupid&Psyche2.0
I know I shouldn't jump the gun, but topsy turvy doll is ready to go into the oven. We'll see if ears and noses break off in the process.

I've also gotten a lot of work done on the Barbie piece I started last summer. Images soon, and for real I need to update my website.