Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Out the Window

Today I finally painted this beautiful angled building across the street from me. There are several that I really do love to look at. I am glad that I have them, and that I am finally showing something related to motivation.

Lauren's number 2

Well, I think this is it. Some detail shots:

I think they are really not bad for my first pieces like this. However, I think its funny that I only ended up doing one sketch for them because I simply didn't know how to approach even a simple sketch of this sort.
And that is pretty much the approach I used. Put color down, let it rest. Do it again.

I do like the overall images, but I am really interested in the detail shots. I suppose I will have to figure out a way to sort of emulate that look, despite that I did approach the second painting using larger blocks of color. I am currently reading Varieties of Modernism by Paul Wood which is proving to be very informative, although I just started it a few days ago.

Thanks to Lauren (who has requested to not know anything about either of them until she sees them in person...) for asking me to do these, otherwise who knows how long I would have put it off!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Almost done

I think one more day on this baby.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Abstracts and SteppenMedusa

The abstract paintings, together.
And then I worked on it some more.And a new painting! Finally making some breakthrough connections between my own genius and neuroses, and that of the Steppenwolf. Thanks, Hermann Hesse.