Saturday, June 26, 2010

In the Studio

Elizabeth sat for me a few weeks ago, and I was just really glad to be painting the figure from life again! Of course the best part is her shirt, but thats fine too.

Haven't really been to the studio too much since Elizabeth sat for me, been running around, doing ghost tours and the like.

But I'm really almost done with the Barbie piece. I'm thinking about building shadow boxes for each one, but, that's a lot of work.

I've been really into how things look behind glass lately. Took some reference photos of the distortion of colorful objects behind paned glass at one of the subway stops. Finally am doing something with them. It has a lot of work to go, but its fun!

And I restarted Cupid&Psyche, I am curious to see where this one goes. I've never done the same painting twice before, I think it'll be a really interested study.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

In the Process

So while Hans is at home doing nothing, I have been hard at work, sometimes making money, and sometimes making art!
Still not a ton to show, but I have 4 surfaces prepped for known projects!
One of these days, I will revamp rapunzel...

Trying a new approach to Cupid&Psyche2.0
I know I shouldn't jump the gun, but topsy turvy doll is ready to go into the oven. We'll see if ears and noses break off in the process.

I've also gotten a lot of work done on the Barbie piece I started last summer. Images soon, and for real I need to update my website.